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the bestist friend you could ever have. excruciatingly funny. Gives good hugs and makes you laugh. Good at sarcasm, but not in a bad way. Likes reading and magic tricks. Super duper cool. The kind of person who you will make faces at across the room. Stands up for his friends. would probobly die if he didn't exist.
person one: Your so lucky that you have eli as a friend.
person two: i know.
by misspiggy nightmare May 13, 2010
A loud, tall, funny girl with crazy hair. Has a unique style. Listens to cheesy 70's music and loves the muppets. Loves Lady Gaga and all things British. A little bit insane, but in a good way.
Person A: Yesterday, Amelia showed me this amazingly dumb song called "timothy" by the Boueys.
Person B: You mean the one with the guy that gets eaten?
Person A: Yeah. Its such a good song.
Person B: well, duh. thats cuz amelia showed it to you.
by misspiggy nightmare September 13, 2010

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