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a naked baby doll that is the mascot of Hickman High School in Missouri which are the State Champions in Football. Just goes to show you that you don't have to have an intimidating mascot to kick everyone else's ASS!!!
the kewpies whooped all ya'll!
by missourimaniac February 14, 2005
if you go to the police station bathroom in "San Andreas" and go to the shower there is a big purple double sided dildo that you can pick up and beat people with
Hey, lets go beat the shit out of some bitch with this purple dildo.
by missourimaniac February 14, 2005
The shit that accumulates between a males scrotum and inner leg after a long day or a good workout.
Whoever falls asleep first gets nutt buttered!!
by missourimaniac February 14, 2005
it is cocaine you stupid fuck
Yo man you got any baby powder?
by missourimaniac February 14, 2005
another description for "polishing the pewter", "shaking hands with ben franklin", "stroking the boa", "beating ones meat", "going on a date with jill", or just plain wacking it
My secretary caught me right in the middle of me stroking my tie.
by missourimaniac February 24, 2005
a word used to describe someone or something that is completely: unnecessary, ridiculous (obviously), eccentric, pointless, needless, or just completely stupid.
man, what you just did was rifuckindiculous
by missourimaniac February 12, 2005
Another name for Fruit Loops which is a frickin awesome cereal
man i gotta get me some loops
by missourimaniac February 20, 2005
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