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the transition from the jeans of today-baggy jeans that sag past ur knees
to the jeans of tommorow-tighter than emo jeans that go up to ur nipples
The future...

Grandaughter:arent these jeans cute? they go past my boobs!

Grandma:ew gross! wat the fuck is that! when i was a little we wore our jeans at our knees! what has happened to the world! These jeneration jeans! People are not as they used to be!
by missey May 04, 2008
when people wear a bluetooth in public, get mad at the person they are talkin to and it looks like shouting to something random.
hey look! Dillon has bluetooth syndrome!

Dillon: Shut the hell up you motherfucker!(to the person he is talkin to)
by missey January 13, 2008
when you want to say shit so bad but either your parents or a teacher is nearby so you say shicrap
shicrap! i was going to do my homework at lunchtime but i forgot!

awww man i dropped my egg on the floor for the science experiment shicrap!
by missey January 10, 2008
a coincidence after a track meet, your sooooooooo out of breath from running the 12 hundred you cant even say the word properly! trust me i know what its like!
i just.....*pant pant* ran the 100 sprint in....*pant*....17 seconds and that hot guy........*pant pant* threw the discuss 17 feet......*pant cough* what a ....cowinkydoink!
by missey May 23, 2007

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