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This is a promiscuous young woman or girl that dresses like a skank. However, she also attempts to be gangsta by dressing in clothing she believes is both ‘sexy’ and gangsta at the same time. This would mean labels such as Ecko Red, and many different Pepe jean jumpsuits. She is usually black, but she can also be white trash. They often speak with heavy gangsta accents, and pout their lips in an odd sort of scowl.

What the hell is going on here?
'And then she said, 'you messin wit hurr, you messin wit meh' in that skanksta accent of hers'
by misscandy April 04, 2004
The term gan-gino is derived from the first half of the word gangsta and the whole of the word gino.

Gan-gino - A gino who listens to both 'gino beats' (otherwise known as techno) and rap music. He is most likely decked out in 'ice' (otherwise known as either plastic diamonds from the dollar store or pebbles wrapped in aluminum foil), and carrying an enormous boom box on his shoulder like a true thug. However, there are some Kappa clothes in his closet and he is Italian.

There is something very wrong going on here.
i.e 'Oh my fucking god. Did you see that gino passing by? Fuck, he was hot!'
'Girl, that was a Gan-gino. You should be ashamed of yourself.'
by misscandy April 03, 2004
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