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Spears started first as a singer/dancer on the mickey mouse club with justin timberlake, kerri russel, and christina aguilera. once that show ended it was a couple years after, that Spears came out with "baby one more time" and it became a HUGE success. after "baby one more time" she came out with more pop girly dance music that young girls liked. she performed on mtv during award shows and won some awards of her own. Spears took a break from music when she dated kevin federline aka k-fed and after their marriage had two boys. birth names are Sean Preston and Jayden James. (both adorable btw) after Spears' divorce from k-fed she tried to get back into the industry a little too early. most memorably her performance on that mtv award show. after that hype had died down a little she came out with "gimme more" which was actually a great club song so it put her back on the charts. nowadays she is still putting out singles, most recently "3". not everyone is a fan of her music, and not everyone will like what she does but it seems most of these definitions want to slam her and talk shit but no one really knows her as a person and we should not be judging her on her home roots or the things she says or does in the media. music is great like that: you can choose what you listen to and love, like it or not she's one of the biggest pop stars our generation and the next generation will ever see.
jealousy is a disease. get well soon bitches - Britney Spears

"ever heard of britney spears?"
"yea her music's not that great"
"true, but DAMN can she make some money!!"
by missbrie March 25, 2010

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