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a beer pong ninja is one who incorporates stealth and finesse into his or her beer pong game. these ninjas generally hide around doorways and large objects, as the trajectory angle from said furnishings significantly aids the beer pong ninja's shot. these ninjas are rarely seen standing in open space, and will remain hidden from sight until it is his or her turn to shoot, but will only appear for the few seconds it takes to shoot, as the ninja will return to hiding instantly. although he/she may look awkward or silly, it is unwise to underestimate the beer pong ninja, as his/her skills are worthy of singlehandedly destroying a whole team's livers.
man that beer pong ninja whipped my ass. i need to grow a second liver.

how the fuck does ryan shoot from the doorway??
he's a beer pong ninja..
by missambitions July 17, 2010

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