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A certain definition has remarked that Otep has done nothing about the activism she encourages. This is a glaring error. Activism is about awareness to bring about change, and her songs are acutely aware of serious problems in our society that the masses and leaders ignore. Issues such as rape, violence against women, child abuse, dependency, alienation, and other such issues that are too "touchy" or "icky" for most people to even fathom. In the more conventional aspect of activism, one has merely to visit her website to see the ways she works to reach out to people.

Otep deserves praise for her blunt disregard for music 'niceties' and PC lyricism. As a poet, one merely must understand her intentions in writing. If one does that, it is clear the poignant artistry in her work. The rawness of voice and instrument are symbollic of the topic at hand, and seeing as these topics SHOULD enrage and infuriate anyone who knows about them, what better way to express frustration against a social brick wall?

To the weak of mind and weak of spirit, or if you don't like metal, Otep is not for you. It is for those who have a longing for an honest, unralenting, fierce opinon. We have too little of those today.
Otep's Save Darfur Fund
Message board
Internet options for those who seek help/advice
by missa63 January 14, 2007

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