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the stuff emitted from a body piercing when either being changed out, or twisting/ rotating.
I was playing with my earring, rocking it back & forth like the piercer told me to, when this stuff came out of the hole, on the jewelry, & in my hand-! Man! It stunk like stinky cheese!
by miss_l January 01, 2011
typically refers to any area on the body that can be grabbed between thumb & forefinger, clamped with forecepts, & driving a needle of significant size through the clamped skin. Once the needle is through, forecepts are removed, & specific body jewelry is threaded through. In a professional, sterile environment, the piercer will mark, & swab the area to be pierced so that the piercing will be straight, & room for infection will be minimized. All instruments will have been treated by an auto clav, & opened from a sterile pouch. Instructions for proper after care will be given verbally as well as in written form.
During the mid 90's, there was a flurry of body piercing done, mostly to girl's navels, followed by tongues, nipples, & genitals. Ears, not so much, as that could be done by any dimwit with a gun at a kiosk at the mall- but, they would have piercers stretch 'em to look like brassknuckles danglin' from their lobes!
by miss_l January 29, 2011
the act of gorging oneself beyond the norm, because the meal, or foodie, is "just SO damn GOOD!" End result is a loosening up of garments constricting the waist, lying down, unable to moove- food coma; with some small prayers regarding the bathroom.
Thanksgiving is the usual time for anyone to experience being painfully full. Along with any holiday that revolves around baked goods that one would not consume on a regular basis to such an extent.
by miss_l January 25, 2011

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