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Someone who dons the typical emo wardrobe, emo pants, emo haircut but has no idea about the mind set. The tell every one how emo they are, and tell every one about there emo music collection of emo rock. They tell the world how crap there life is even no its not bad at all. They enjoy posing for emo shots, lookin at the camera with a “look at me, im awesomely emo” expresion on their faces. they also think cutting themselves makes them emos
emo wannabe: i went to a "thursady" concert - total emo rock
real emo: i saw u there
emo wannabe: then i went home and cut my wrist after *shows damaged wrists*
real emo: ur such a poser - you emo wannabe *punches wannabe*
by miss maddy May 13, 2006
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