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4 definitions by miss freak

a guy or a girl who calls you only for some pussy or dick! no strings attached
Ashley: gurl your phones ringing
miss freak: oh ya thats mah booty call!!!!
by miss freak March 30, 2006
980 571
basicly everythang look good but her head!
dayum dat gurl g0t a nice ass b0dy, yea but did y0u see her face! 0h snap! she a buttahead!!!!!
by miss freak March 29, 2006
16 9
someone who is black and asian (pronounced-bla-zen)
im black and asian which means im BLASIN!
by miss freak March 30, 2006
10 12
a gurl wh0 gives erry0ne 0n tha block head
i g0t this bitch named bl0ck head, she g0t a bl0ck head, and after every bl0ck party she give tha wh0le blockhead!-D4L!
by miss freak March 30, 2006
84 103