1 definition by miss arnold!!

Maddo or maddison;
-goofy smile
-unforgettable memories
-great person
-the best mate
-quickly judged
-smart as hell
-good music taste
-good taste in girls
-god damn sexy
-hard to say no to
-right about all
-great with advice
-funny as fuck
-never lies
-chick magnet
-has a hot mate. Brooke
-still a kid
-better love brooke
-or else :)

slut: maddo is the whole package
brooke: not if you know him properly, hes way more haha
slut: hmm, hook me up?
brooke: he has better taste
slut: i am good tasting
brooke: better fuck off slut
slut: or what?
brooke: ill smash you haha
by miss arnold!! May 27, 2008

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