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4 definitions by miss J

A native of the East African country Kenya.
Damn.... look at her- she's hot.
Yeah she's Kenyan.
by miss J April 24, 2005
111 60
Kenyan slang- mix of swahili and english.... really cool if u understand what the hell they're saying
What the fuck did he say??
Don't worry about it- it's sheng!!
by miss J April 24, 2005
81 33
a combination of soul and calypso..... Mainly from Trinidad and Barbados. Dancing to it involves intense gyration
I'm a Trini beta....... love chutney and SOCA
by miss J April 23, 2005
67 56
NAIROBI- city in the sun
Yo, imma be goin' to Nai fo' sure- u coming??
by miss J April 23, 2005
14 23