4 definitions by mishaladycat

When someone is giving a blow job, but out of laziness, uses his/her hands more than his/her mouth for stimulation, leaving the recipient feeling cheated.
Bitch, you might have your mouth on my cock, but you're not fooling me. You're trying to give me a handy blowy.
by Mishaladycat February 02, 2011
Cutesy nickname for a blow job or fellatio.
That girl gave him a blowy j in the men's restroom.
by mishaladycat November 22, 2011
A term describing when a non-brown (usually white) person has a sexual attraction or preference for a brown person or for brown people exclusively.
Zachary has sweet potato fever for that new Indian PhD student in the other lab.
by mishaladycat November 22, 2011
After felching, blowing the semen through the straw into the vagina, resulting in a pregnancy, and subsequently, a baby.
My dad felched my mom and nine months later; felch baby surprise! My brother, Brian, was born.
by Mishaladycat February 02, 2011

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