12 definitions by misha

Get fucked in the ass with no grease
'The boss hogswanned me again'
by misha December 03, 2003
In the manga "Pita-ten", Misha likes to scream this randomly. It isn't a real japanese word-but it's still fun to scream randomly.
hey look, a pie su!
whats up su!
OMGWTF, the world is exploding! Suuu!!
by Misha February 18, 2005
a store for wannabe preps of white sububria, planted in a mall with jeans and pants costing 40+ dollars and my opinion: absoulute disgrace to soceity in which 8yrs+ try to shop at
8yr chick: Hollister is so cute
9 yr chick: yah i got that shirt there that says "hollister" for 50 dollars what a buy!!
by Misha March 30, 2005
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