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See jail, hell, boring
Got school sucks ass, I wanna drop out. Doesn't matter, I skip enough to survive.
by Mish October 26, 2004
A superlative term used majorly in the online gaming community, describing victorious cry of the enemy player as his gaming skills outstand skills of the other player. This is commonly used when the other player frags its enemy player in a concentrated ratio. The original term is Owned, but since the l337 speech, it is spelled with a zero and a deliberate mistype (just like in the word teh) with a p on the beginning.
Haha, p0wned n00b!
by Mish February 15, 2004
Slang term for a womans uterus, first used in Christchurch, New Zealand.
"It's that time of the month again. It's like all the energy has been taken from my extremities and is centralised in my meaterus!"
by Mish June 14, 2006
One Handed Typing.
An art mastered by Coleman, the original Llama. It is the art of washing face, whilst typing.
1. That was a great oht.
2. Have you finished oht'ing yet?
by Mish September 12, 2003
Mufflowne is a madeup animal by Aleks Vujovic which quickly became popular in the community. The creature is very small, about 7 cm in height (including ears) with a bipedal structure, fur and the ability of gliding short distances. It is often described as a North-American flyng squirrel and a bunny rabbit cross. It has very flexible bones, indegistible apetite for sexual intercourse and as a general rule it is very cute.
It has nothing whatsoever to do with the word muff apart from it's first 4 letters.
Mufflownes like to rape elephants.
by Mish February 15, 2004
when a guy jizzes all over a gurl'z body, mainly boobs, and den eats it off. usually occurs during sex.
shortened to- nauj
1.he naujed on me last night
2.would you like me to naujizz on u?
3.ill nauj on her
by mish April 10, 2003
See mashed

Origin: Crowie, Canberra ACT
Fo sheezy.. i'm dizzown to get mizzashed tonight.
by mish May 06, 2004

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