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The standard measurment of ones feces. approx. .8 Kilograms
Did you see the size of that shit I took? It had to be like 6 Kurichs!
by Misery507 February 23, 2008
The intensity of your Skittle-braugh

(per 12oz beer)
1-5 skittles - semi-skittely
5-9 skittles - moderatly-skittely
10+ skittles - super-skittely
"I just went with semi-skittely tonight."
"That's lame. I made my skittle braugh super skittely. I have 13 skittles!"
by Misery507 May 07, 2008
v: to gay it up
How long until meriam-webster begins to engayify other words like truthyness?
by misery507 April 02, 2009
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