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5 definitions by misanthropist123

A verb describing the act of doing nothing while waiting for something else to do or when your work is caught up and you're just chilling. Mostly used in the work setting.
Jessica can you help me with something?
Sure I'm just heathering!

You are so efficient!! You've been heathering all day!

I don't know why I'm so tired. I've been heathering all day!
by Misanthropist123 June 18, 2013
The two lines of snot that run out of your childs nose when they have a cold or sinus infection. It can be any color.
Ugh! Did you see that kid licking the green slimy eleven out from under his nose? His mom and dad need to get a tissue and clean him up!
by misanthropist123 January 26, 2011
The label given to a fetus born alive but so prematurely that there will never be any chance of a purposeful meaningful productive life and will be a burden on its parents and taxpayers for eternity. Can be born to alcoholics, drug abusers or any unfortunate person. These fetuses should not be placed on life support but allowed to die a natural humane death.
I guess were going to work the code on this poor flusher. Its parents should just let it go.

The crackhead is pregnant again. I'm sure shell give birth to another flusher.
by misanthropist123 March 06, 2011
An insult to a female that is at least 10 years older than you; an older attractive female that takes care of herself, eats right, exercises and is financially capable of having a great life without your sorry ass. As a general rule, guys don't want anything more from a cougar than to have sex with her. Pretty equal to a MILF.
That chick is a cougar. I would love to hit that!
by misanthropist123 February 04, 2011
While the 40 year old may be hot, she isnt good for much more than a roll in the sack. Certainly not dinner or a movie.
I would love to bang that cougar but she wants me to talk to her and text her and give her the attention that she deserves. So not worth my time!
by misanthropist123 February 04, 2011