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A fun loving girl who prides on being herself. She has many friends with a lot of inside jokes. She generally has brown long hair, huge brown fanciful eyes, and a crazy imagination full of adventure and wild thoughts. She knows how to make anyone laugh and laughs all the time herself.She loves a lavish life and loves being pampered but isn't selfish.If you're a good friend be sure to know that she'll pamper you too.She talks a lot.She will tell you what's on her mind no matter how weird.A great taste for good food.Infact wherever she goes she has food and is always eating.Most of all she is smart and confident but a loyal friend,she looks out for her family and her many friends.Get on her good side and she will forever be there for you.
"Hey Layla what should we do on the weekend"
"Partyyyyy at mine until we drop dead!!!Tell everyone"
by mirri August 04, 2012
The most luckiest guy you'll come across. Most likely to be asian. He has noticeably good looks ,with black soft hair,and a nice complexion.He has it all ,adored by all,handsome,smart,but never arrogant.He has many friends who love him because of his good natured ways; caring,hilarious,and generous.He doesn't need to flirt since his humour and carefree manner will seduce you. In other words he is truly blessed.In his life he will grow and florish to be a mature wise man but inside he will always remain a cheerful child.He has about him a sense of warmth ,class and knowledge and it is this that many will find attractive and admire.
"Obviously I am too good looking ,gaze at my beauty"
"Yeah whatever paarth"
by mirri August 05, 2012
to be troubled emotionally or mentally; chaotic; to interfere
a rock band who have worked hard to get where they are
People who dislike DISTURBED are really mentally DISTURBED.
by Mirri August 13, 2004

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