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place where your a nobody if you don't wear designer clothes, our exceptionally gorgeous, amazing at a popular sport, Have tons of money and or just a complete bad ass. Ugly girls constantly act like there beautiful and that their obnoxious opinions matter. All the cool kids want to do is smoke and get fucked uo on the weekends in the mornings everyone huddles together in to little circle at the end of the hallways where everyone talks about alcohol and how high they got over the weekend and how cool there clothes are. We try to act as if were not conforming by being skaters or goths but really were just as bad as the conforming preps. Everyone is a constant war with everyone. creating a pathetic subculture completely pointless and depressing. the only people who enjoy high school are those on the very top of the social pyramid for everyone else high school sucks.
high school

Prep: Dude i pounded like 20 four lokos friday night and then i hooked up with some chick, chyeahh prettty successful weekend.

Ugly girl: "OMG hes so ugly, shes such a slut, look at my northface jacket aren't i so hot!!! Nobody even likes you!"

normal kid: Your not even good looking i can't even take you seriously

dumb girl: "I love my boyfriend of 2 days more than anything in the world we will be in love for eternity."

normal kid: how long untill graduation i fucking hate this
by mirage28 December 20, 2010
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