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12 definitions by mintyleila---not an armenian person, but has armenian friends-i love glendale!

common term of endearment, often used in arabic songs, means "darling" or "beloved"
One great song is "Habibi Da" which means "This is my darling"
usage: adjective; term pertaining to unruly and and stubborn hair which is purposely kept untidy and dishevelled in attempts to create a "just got lucky" appearance. The goal may be accomplished by the usage of mouse, gels, teasing techniques, blow dyers and hair extentions.
"Sally had always flat-ironed her unruly hair but when she became a porn-star, she was a natural!"
medical term meaning pain in the vagina
the little town by the sea had an unusually high number of young women afflicted with colpalgia, especially around fleet week.....
a course which is taken on the pretense of expanding one's knowledge and for the purpose of naming the institution on your resume. normally paid for by your boss.
"so are we on for golfing thursday at 3 p.m.?"

"I can't, I'm working..."

"you should've signed up for the extension course..."
usage: verb; means re-organziational change in a corporate setting which allows for legal firing of employees at will while simultaneously stripping them of their rights to sue for unlawful termination.
"How's work?"

"I don't know, the office is practically empty now, it's all this restructuring I guess....."
term used to describe a woman past 40 who is convinced that her dog is actually a baby and that she must treat it as such. She will normally dress the dog in ridiculous accoutremants and she may order food for "her baby" when eating out.
"she lets the dog sleep on the bed with her

"what doggie mamma!"
usage: noun or verb. A term which describes the process you must go through when you want to fire someone without getting sued. Usually before firing an employee, there will be an opportunity to re-train him, then he will be fired.
"why are you packing up your stuff?

"I'm getting re-trained, so I'm sure i'll be getting restructured by the end of the week."