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An overtly large or swollen pair of meat curtains that protrude from deep within the tool shed at the bottom of the lady garden

A saggy minge
A mumbler
"That chick should clearly not be wearing a bikini. You can see her pussticles from here, they look bigger than my nuts!"
by miniGMgoit February 01, 2011
A visible stain of fecal matter found in the unmentionables of those with a loose constitution.

Common among individuals experiencing Montezuma's revenge, Aztec two-step, or the Hershey squirts, and an integral feature of Louisiana Swamp Ass

A Skid Mark.
I had to throw away my grundies after a particularly nasty bout of mud butt. The ginger kisses wouldn't come out, not even in a boil wash.
by miniGMgoit July 22, 2010
Fear peddling sad sack hell bent on scaring the bejesus out of all insundry with grim warnings of near future events.

Often associated with naturally occuring disasters such as cyclones or eartch quakes. A Doom Monger can take many forms including a news reader or a politician as well as blogger or facebook acquaintance.
Gloom Monger There's a tropical low sitting a million miles away that might turn in to a cyclone and make its way the million miles to us and kill everyone.
You Shut it Gloom Monger.
by miniGMgoit January 30, 2011

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