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A synonym for the words "thing" or "stuff"
Also spelled "joint"
"Dawg, lemme hold the jont that you got."
"Well you see, the jont hits that jont and then you get that the net force is equal to 72 Newtons. Now convert that into energy jonts."
"We're gonna boost the jont. You in?"
by Minhdzuy November 03, 2006
A story that takes place either during the American Revolution or the American Civil War. All works of historical fiction are limited to these two topics. Why else would we have so many books about these two wars?
Student: Was "All Quiet on the Western Front" historical fiction?

Teacher: Nah, no one was wearing period clothing.
by Minhdzuy November 26, 2010
v. to beat your woman. Can also be a synonym for the verb "to beat"
Guy: Did you bring the pudding?
Girl: I brought frozen yogurt.
Guy: I oughta Chris Brown you right here.
by minhdzuy February 11, 2009
a unit of measurement equaling approximately 2 ft in length
"How far did our joint shoot the ball?"
"About 2 and a half sarahs."
"Damn dude. We need to shoot it 10 sarahs to win!"
by Minhdzuy November 07, 2006

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