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a nickname for the Bread and Circus supermarket in the symphony hall area of boston, aquired because of the occurence of fellatio in the bathroom there.
i love head and circus beacuse its the only full service grocery store.
by minghi May 31, 2003
being high on acid, weed, whippits, and alcohol simultaneously.
man, wendy was droke trizz last night! the scariest part was that i couldn't tell the difference . .
by minghi April 26, 2003
someone who is part east asian and part black.
Tyrone and Ji-yeon are both good looking, but their kids are some scary looking chiggers!
by minghi May 21, 2003
taking 4 or more pills of dramamine at once to induce intoxication.
i dramatripped once. it was bad. i don't suggest it-not even if its the closest thing to drugs you can get.
by minghi May 31, 2003
v. to undergo a plastic surgery operation in which the folds of skin above the eyes of aperson of east asian origin are reduced, and made to look more racially "neutral" or caucasian.
its such a shame when people get their eyes de-chinked.
by minghi May 31, 2003
a manoeuvre done with 2 people and a lit joint. one holds the joint in his mouth, BURNING END IN, and seals his lips around it, and blows air through the joint. the other person sucks the smoke out of the unlit end coming out of the 1st person's mouth.
giving a sifflette's a great way to hit on someone when getting high; just make sure you dont burn the inside of yer mouth.
by minghi April 26, 2003
pubes or ass hair
person 1: i shaved
person 2: u still have a beard
person 1: not my nether beard
by minghi May 17, 2003

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