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The computer geek version of Derek.
Computer geeks cannot pronounce words of more than one syllable therefore Derek becomes Derk. Derk is the formal form but can be malformed further into Derkio when geeks want something Derek has, this is usually edible items eg cake or orange flavoured kit-kats.
by minerva1961 April 06, 2010
Is sexually very energetic and enjoys sex + + +. Think of a barn door banging away in a storm and you will get the picture. Used in reference to the female sex ie
How is Debs in bed?
She goes like a barn door in a storm ;)))
You lucky bugger!
by minerva1961 February 12, 2011
Throwing a tantrum, exploding in anger/frustration over something trivial.

Not related to the offensive term for the Irish 'Paddy' in any more way than the term Paddy field.
He couldn't get tickets for the last Take That concert and threw a right paddy.

Where's Sue?

Oh, she broke a fingernail and now she's throwing a paddy in her room.
by minerva1961 November 16, 2010
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