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Is an Australian term for someone who is bad at predicting the weather. Named after "brownies coast watch", it is also applicable to people who are always trying to predict the future, whether it be weather or events, and can never seem to get it right. Also known as an Ass Clown cos they make an Ass/Clown of themselves for never having anything they say come true.
"mate that dude is such a brownie, he keeps telling us that he is going to drag that bird home, but all he does is get pissed and collapse beside the bar"

"Oooi brownie, whats the weather like today, going to rain again? (perfect comment for a sunny day)"
by mimasinvest October 13, 2009
Name for someone who is super pumped to go surfing and spends their whole life trying to, but can never manage to get up and ride a wave. They are terrible with the ladies and think that surfing ill help them pick up. They are scene loving people ie (LALA as in LA), and are really just there to look for glory even though they are making a fool of them self, and end up quitting for the next cool thing.
"Sookie lala, give that shit up and get in front of the mirror"

"Watch out sookie lala, you might get your hair wet!"
by mimasinvest October 13, 2009

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