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A University completely underrated. UC Davis is often hated on by people who aren't smart enough to get in or by Cal Poly students. If any of those people had ever actually visited the college they would see how amazing it is and how diverse the people are. One thing all can agree on is that it does smell like cow shit often, but the top of the line academics and ridiculously intelligent student body (give or take a few athletes) surpass that smell.

Contrary to what some of the prior posts say, UC Davis is many peoples' first choice and many choose it over Cal because of the fact that you can walk around the town without getting harassed by a homeless person, and for its insane pre-vet and overall science programs.

UC Davis is often considered the fourth best UC, behind SD...but the only thing SD is known for is having zero school pride and terrible(D3) athletics.
Person 1: I go to UC Davis

Person 2: Oh so you have crazy competitive academics, superior faculty, amazing food, a sick campus, a bike waiting to be stolen, and way too much school spirit

Person 1: Pretty much...
by milonotis April 24, 2010

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