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The term given for a light skinned mexican-mennonite. The language spoken is known as low-german where regular german (as spoken in Germany) is known as high german. Its more of a slang language of proper german. They originated in a community known as Chihuahua in Mexico as farmers and other agricultural sectors. They migrated north and are found in Central US, as well as Canada, mostly in Manitoba and Ontario. Common names used by themselves are: Jake, Issaac, Helen, Mary, Henry, Anita, Margaret among others. Common features are, large protruding ears, square shaped heads, black hankerchief worn by female after married. Dresses in cowboy gear except wears a baseball cap with the mesh in the back (cheese grater) Commonly shortformed as "Schmen" Can be found in dictionaries as "mennonites" and "white mexican"
Quit being such a schmenna.

Stop acting like a schmen.
Wear some deodorant, you smell like a schmenna.
by millsy200 January 21, 2010

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