12 definitions by mills5150

house where meth is sold
heading to the chicken koop to score
by mills5150 May 30, 2013
used in Lakeland, Fl usa referring to a popular girl named Cassandra that was always on xanax.
Cassandra, lol i mean Caxannie was so wasted last night off xanax
by mills5150 May 30, 2013
a girl popular for giving head
a female famous for giving oral sex
did you know if shawtyhead gonna be at the party tonight?
by mills5150 May 30, 2013
a man that looks for females that use meth a.k.a. a chickenheads
lol that boy a chickenhawk, always looking for a chickenhead
by mills5150 May 30, 2013
term used in Polk County, FL meaning a room strictly filled and reserved for white people.
hey john is leaving tomorrow, so we gotta get a white boy in here, to keep it a cracker box.
by mills5150 May 30, 2013

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