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1.what people say when they dont wanna say shit or damn..from the *oh* so popular maulibu's most wanted
"ah! shiz-nit"
by miller November 30, 2003
Home of lapdancing. Located in Northern Finland, the place where Santa lives.
I just came from a lapdancing joint in Lapland.
by Miller September 20, 2004
coming from Sunderland there r a hell of a lot of chavas hangin round the streets. They wear fake burberry, fake berghaus, fake rock port stuff. They all smoke, can only afford the cheapest cidre and say "whooooooo ya tarkin tee?" everytime they c sum tht isnt another chava. Also they r all gay
arghhhhhh!! A chava!!! Burn it!!!! Kill it quikly!!! Before i get a disease!!!
by miller January 02, 2004
As in Captain Comic, the legendary video game from the 80's
Captain Comic is gonna beam joo!
by Miller June 30, 2004
The art of cramming some Oreos into a girls vagina and then using your penis to crunch them up. The end result is your dick looks like a black and white barber shop pole.
Hey baby lets bust out some oreos and do the persian twist.
by Miller September 16, 2004
Hungarian fast food, usually served with french fries.
The downtown's kebap place's owner's Toyota was torched last wednesday.
by Miller December 15, 2003
another word 4 cock
fuk off, ur a proper weng head
by miller January 02, 2004
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