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Lowell is a city full of diversity. They are more cambodians here than the population in the United States. If you are cambodian, viet,loas, or have an asian g/f or b/f you will be at the Water Festival in July.

All asian live off of Westford Street or in the highlands, the white population lives in centralville, christian hill, or belverdere, and the hispanics and black live in the projects of downtown.

There will be some minorities living in the subherbs of lowell if their parents went to college, or made some money owning another asian restraurant.

Lowell hates the town of Dracut that borders them, so we scare them and tell them we will shoot their house down if they cross our border.

We are diverse that we have the rich folk that leave, go to vollege and come home to be lawyers or doctors, and we have the ones that don't graduate highschool, drop out, and get married to have babies.

If your in Lowell, you better start learning about 6 different languages, because no one can just speak one.
If your in downtown Lowell after the highschool gets out, you can see all the wannabe short cambodians on the side of the street trying to get a ride, the few hispanics or blacks that don't drop out of school trying to ride with the cambodians because they don't have a car, and the wannabe white asians riding with the cambodians, or the white folks with beat up 1980 ford focus car they got and packed with 7 heads.
by millcity March 17, 2006

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