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an ebony pornstar with a goddamn fucking huge booty!
did you see that booty of cherokee's?
Hell yea!!
by milky joe September 23, 2007
a gay short way of spelling "retard" on an instant messenger
yamom says:
suck my dick mutha fucka

milky joe says:
u r such a retrd =D

<:yamom has left the conversation:>

by milky joe September 23, 2007
a term used by a steriotypical asian pakistani in the uk that's trying to be black, meaning "nigger".

it is also used by indian schoolkids
asian man 1: ey, yo sup ma bitch?!
asian man 2: ye man we iz gonna nail these fookin khalas ennit?! they iz pussy like BRAP! ennit! we GANGSTA!
black onlooker: fuck you, bitch you are not fucking black fucking idiot! run for your goddam life BIOTCH!
asians: you startin'?!?! brap!!

black guy pounds them to death.
by milky joe September 23, 2007

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