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Shorthand for a popular Action/Comedy Anime called 'Tiger & Bunny'. Despite having a cute title it is Seinen and made by Sunrise, the same company that made the Gundam series.

Note that because of the compatability of the main characters (and fangirl imaginations) that sometimes 'T&B' refers to Kotetsu (Tiger) and Barnaby (Bunny) as a Yaoi pairing.
"Person 1: Have you watched T&B yet?
Person 2: I just finished it yesterday. Kotetsu is so derpy that I got an ab workout from laughing! I can't wait until the movies come out."

"Yaoi fan 1: Did you see that T&B picture where they were linking arms? THAT MEANS IT'S CANON.
Yaoi fan 2: NO I DIDN'T. Are you sure it's official art or is it fanart?
Yaoi fan 1: It was a pull-out poster as part of an official promotion in a Magazine!
Yaoi fan 2: OMG I LOVE T&B TOGETHER SOOO MUCH. They're so unf."
by milkscookie January 01, 2012

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