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Someone who supports President George W. Bush and has no knowledge of what Bush is doing, just supports him because they want to be Republican. For bushie cushie and president bush, see white trash, stupid and moronic. Rhymes with tushie, a nicer word for what Bush is.
Bushie Cushie (hick): BUSH! BUSH! BUSH! BUSH!
Person 2: ur supporting HIM??? wtf! why!!????
Bushie Cushie (hick): I dunno yall i guess cuz hes gettin rid of the nucUler weppins and sadUMM hussin.
Person 2: omg ur a bushie cushie
by milkncookies September 20, 2005
1: A bully from a third grade class
2: Someone who you remember from that you used to dislike but laugh about now.
My wife said the name reminded her of the third grade bully but we decided to name our baby Graham anyway.
by milkncookies September 09, 2005
See lindsay lohan and anorexic.

1: Someone who is obsessed with lindsay lohan and tries to look like her, telling people she is a "healthy weight" or even fat while she is starving herself.
2: Someone who goes from normal, beautiful, healthy girl to an ugly, anorexic looking person. She makes other people feel like elephants when she calls herself fat.
Girl 1: Did you see Allie yesterday at the pool party?
Girl 2: Yeah totally her ribs were completely showing! And when she dove in, you could see all the bones in her back.
Girl 1: It's so sad! She used to be so pretty and healthy looking! God shes gotta gain a few. But she says FAT!!! Or if its not fat, it's a "healthy weight". I mean cmon get a grip! Does she know how we feel when she says shes fat? i guess we must be obese!
Girl 2: Yeah, shes a total lohorexic.
by milkncookies September 20, 2005
well most women wear lilly pulitzer and talbots, have perfect hair and perfect bodies, are 'stay @ home moms' and shop all the time. (we have 4 store talbots complex in the center of town! overkill...) men wear polos and khakis and designer suits, have perfect hair, pretty good figures, bring home millions (or billions...) and love golf. if you don't belong to a country club you're 'poor'. girl teens shop @ juicy, jasmine sola, a+f and bloomingdales and are pretty and stick thin. boys are hot and shop @ a+f and wear polos 24/7. there ARE condos and stuff and u CAN buy houses for 100,000 but also for 5,000,000!!! lots of private schools and Wellesley College... tons of clothes stores...beautiful town really but some snobs... anyway come and visit! its true there arent that many minorities but no 1s racist.
girl sees boy wearing white polo, ralph lauren navy pullover vest, khakis, white socks and loafers.

girl: you're from wellesley right?

boy: how'd you know!?!?
by milkncookies August 30, 2005
How you describe someone who's a bitch without swearing. See biatch. If you still don't get what a biatch is, watch Mean Girls. Biatchy = bitchy. sum white rich chix tryn to be ghetto n cool call people biatchy.
teenage white rich girl: Like, OMG, did you like like like see Leslie today? She called Justine a slut! God like she is soooo like biatchy!!!"
by milkncookies September 20, 2005
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