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15 definitions by milfhunter37

A person who sniffs women's underwear for sexual gratification.
Tom got caught sniffing the drawer again. He’s a habitual panty sniffer.
by milfhunter37 March 28, 2003
In large corporations it is imperative to understand that the bosses cock isn't going to suck itself if your goal is to move up the ladder.
Excuse me, Derek? The bosses cock isn't going to suck itself.
by milfhunter37 March 31, 2003
To suck yourself off while dropping a deuce. See blumpkin.
Everyday at 5:00 PM Tom gives himself a salary auto-blumpkin at work.
by milfhunter37 November 03, 2003
Put this in there you cock grappler.
by milfhunter37 April 04, 2003
When you tape grass clippings and smear chunky peanut butter on a bowling ball and give it the shocker.
After I get home from work every Thursday I get drunk and bowl a perfect game.
by milfhunter37 May 29, 2003
The action of swallowing a man's ejaculatory fluids intentionally, as opposed to the "change slipper".
When she moaned as she ate my pre-cum I was convinced that she would keep the change!
by milfhunter37 March 28, 2003
A phallus.
Flemwhore’s aren’t afraid of the meat section.
by milfhunter37 April 02, 2003