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a band.
"Hi, we a
re Faghat. We are here for the children of the future, all of the 8 and 9 year old boys and girls around the world. In 1999, we landed in
the north woods of Wisconsin. We come from the planet Faghat and have broken through the death grid imposed upon the earth by the fallen
beings of light. We have come to share the frequencies of love, light, and life. Our mission is to move people out of the linear prison in which
many are trapped. We do this by using a frequency of sound that shifts you out of your space into an upward spiral that cannot be stopped by the
black iron prison. Our wish is to move people out of the death machine and reconnect them with the supreme being of love, light, and life. We
wish to destroy the frequency of fear that has been used to keep humanity at war with itself for thousands of years. It is time to end the tyranny of
the lizard men by reclaiming who you are. We are a wake up call; love us or hate us, our light will still shine through."
"In faghat land let me take your hand..."
by miles nowhere March 05, 2004

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