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19 definitions by miles the magnificent

The new high school.
After I get out of college maybe I'll go for some higher education like my doctorate.
by Miles the Magnificent August 30, 2010
A television channel launched in in 1987 that focuses on cool places to visit around the world without you actually having to go there. The channel is following the route of other specialty channels putting out more and more loosely related programming, but it has some good shows.
Dude, this guy ate seven pounds of fish last night on TV.
What, on the food network?
Nah dude, travel channel.
by Miles the Magnificent August 06, 2010
A vintage style sunglass by Ray Ban that is the equivalent of the Wayfarer dressing up for the Baton Rogue. This style is seeing a rise in popularity as the Wayfarer has hit popularity with middle American high school students and thus falls out of the range of hipsters and celebrities alike.
Grandpa, are those the Clubmasters?
by Miles the Magnificent August 13, 2010
Insane punk band from Portland, OR formed in 1978. This band is one of the earliest American purveyors of punk and its influences are noted in other successful acts such as Nirvana and Scratch Acid.
The Wipers rock! My favorite album is "Is This Real?", you can totally tell the lyrics about being maladjusted are being sung from the pit of Greg Sage's heart.
by Miles the Magnificent September 15, 2010
The parallel universe between lunch and dismissal which seems to slow time down to a fraction of its actual speed.
4th period is like the twilight zone. By the time I got dismissed I ran all the way home in sheer terror.
by Miles the Magnificent September 16, 2010
A school so bad that bars are installed over the windows to stop kids from jumping out the window in the middle of the day.
My elementary school was a prison school; rather than exit via fire escapes during an emergency, we were expected to march down the stairs in a neat and orderly fashion. Ha.
by Miles the Magnificent September 16, 2010
Someone who believes getting a degree is the only and best way to make lots of money. General characteristics include listening to your local top 40 radio station, liking Jim Carrey and following the crowd.
College Millionaire: Haha, smelly carpenter; once I graduate I'll be making 300K a year as my base salary with 401k, dental and 10% annual raises!

Carpenter: ...Okay.
by Miles the Magnificent September 15, 2010