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after a night of partying, drinking, or using cocaine you may have diarrhea. the act of having or anticipating diarrhea.
"oh shit i gotta use the bathroom rita's calling"

"i'm sorry i can't come over there, right now i'm calling rita"
#diarrhea #the runs #post coke shits #after party bowels #bodies reaction to the morning after
by mil-town crown January 08, 2009
When a group of girls can get what they want, when they want, and preform sly tasks without the help of men. They are slick and quick.

"we are slick quicks with no dicks, thats why we're all business bitch!"
"Last night I was out with the girls and we were such Slick Quicks, we talked our way into the club even after the bouncer took our fake ID's."

"My girls and I are headed to the liquor store and we've gotta buy 3 cases, 5 liters, and 2 40's for the kids at school, yeah we're underage but we're Slick Quicks."
#sly #girls that use their womanly skills to get what they want #rebels #girls that cheat the system #gang of girls that party's hard and play's hard
by mil-town crown January 10, 2009
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