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2 definitions by mil-town

A popular phone made by Danger Inc. and offered by T-Mobile which features a Web browser, email, instant messaging as well as being able to talk to others.

Its featured on Nappy Roots' song "My Sidekick"
"I think she want it"
how you know..?
"I know because my Sidekick goes.."beep beep beep beep beep..."
by mil-town November 07, 2006
57 41
Measurements R. Prophet of the Nappy Roots sing to in "Just for the hella' vit"
Referring to what many consider the desired measrements of a female. ie 36" chest, 24" waist, 36" hips
"Go ahead girl, lemme see what ya working with, 36-24-36, more curves than a race track"
by mil-town October 14, 2006
51 86