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Limited vision, as in seeing only your own point of view.
"He isn't even considering any of the other solutions to the problem because of his tunnel vision".
by MIL March 23, 2006
To be extremey or overly upset.
"Jordan is wrapped around the axle because he has to sit on the bench during the game."
by MIL February 27, 2006
In a city, an area where there is no green space for miles; only cement buildings, sidewalks, walls etc.
"Man, I really need a vacation-I need to get away from all this concretia."
by MIL January 25, 2006
The same thing as "fucking ridiculous". Extreme ridiculousness.
I pay more to put gas in this car than I actually paid for the car. Rucking fidiculous!"
by MIL March 15, 2006
Any organized group of people who generally make a practice of lying.
" They didn't want the truth to come out, they are a confederacy of liars."
by MIL February 28, 2006
A cool rapper from Michigan who's got weed and game.
Hey, have you seen xzero lately?... Yeah he's tight... I think he's supposed to sell me some weed.
by mil December 04, 2003
It doesn't really mean "Save our Ship" anymore, because whose ship really needs to be saved? Unless, of course, it is a cruise ship being attacked by pirates, as was the case recently near Africa. It really means "Save Our Shit!", any shit in peril.
"Oh no, my parents are here. Quick, SOS!"
by MIL January 31, 2006

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