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a whole in the seperation of stalls in a public restroom used for anonymous oral sex with the person next to u. Used mostly by homosexuals do to the fact that most public bathrooms are seperated. watch out if u see one and the person next to u isnt gay they might kick ur dick and break it.
i went to rainbow park and and had to use the bathroom there was a guy in the next stall and there was a whole in the stall that said suck here and then he slid his dick in there so i thought ahh what the hell and grabbed it and pulled it as hard as i could and he got stuck so i went piss washed my hands and slashed his tires.

i saw a glory hole in a bathroom in the mall so i stuck inserted where it said to and hey i got a free bj. but i felt guilty so i slid a twenty under the stall
by mikethecoolness January 10, 2005
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