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Giving an inanimate object or thing human characteristics
Ex: time leaps forward

Incorrect usage: time flies forward(this is a use of a less hear of literary term, avification.)
by MikeR April 14, 2004
1.Sacred word who only an elite few possess knowledge of it's meaning.

Origin Unknown.
"Sir, WHAT IS 'Mankoo'?!"
"Classified, for the safety of the Public."

or die?
by miker June 29, 2004
Activity that is Wack. Like.. "that shit is wack". Often produced by wacktivists.
Gee, there sure is a lot of Wacktivity up in hea'.
by Miker May 16, 2003
A literary term defined as giving avian(bird-like) qualities to an inanimate object.
Ex. Time flies
by MikeR April 14, 2004
A state of uncertainty.
"Dude, did you go to the show last night?"
by miker June 29, 2004
A marijuana joint rolled in cigar paper, otherwise known as a Blunt.
Yo, lets smoke this one love.
by Miker July 23, 2003
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