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an orgy where boys line up in one line and girls line up in another. They fuck eachother for five minutes and then rotate clockwise so you meet a different person and fuck them. AWESOME STUFF. When doing it, people normally should use a comdom. If you want to be tough, use no condom.
i invited people over to my house and setup fucking stations.
by mike dick May 08, 2007
cousin of rusty trombone. girl licks ass. girl squeezes on dick with fingers mimicking trumpet player.
i gave her a rusty trumpet for her birthday.
by mike dick May 08, 2007
a: the movement: when a girl bites, licks, most often sucks and tastes a guys dick. After a few minutes, the guy goes wild and feels awesome, or a guy screams in pleasure. Most men prefer oral sex to anything. Women don't espeacially like it. They mostly prefer anal sex because the guy sticks his dick into a girls ass and girls don't have to work. Most men don't suck girls's vagina anyway.

b: the taste: Most of the time when a woman is sucking a man's cock, it tastes very bitter for them. Sometimes women like to avoid the bitter taste by shitting on the dick then sucking. For some women the taste of the dick is awesome.

c: danger: There's not that much danger to sucking a man's dick. STD'S is rare, it's about 7% chance of getting std's without a condom, which kicks ass. Anal Sex is risky though without a condom. Even with condom it's risky. That's why most people like oral sex better than anal.
My GF didn't know what oral sex was until i told her and then she sucks my dick for hours until i fell asleep and then she kept on sucking it until i woke up 10 hours later.
by mike dick May 08, 2007

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