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A hilarious series of videos posted on www.mackandmesh.com about a very nervous individual playing through various levels of doom 3.
www.mackandmesh.com, your life depends on it
by Mika January 01, 2005
One of the best modern power metal bands in existance today, comprising of Timo Tolkki on guitar, Jari Kainulainen on bass guitar, Timo Kotipelto on vocals, Jörg Michael on drums, and Jens Johansson on keyboards.

Despite the many difficulties they've experienced since 2003 and early 2004, there is still a glimmer of hope for all the true fans of Stratovarius that a new album will be released in 2005 or so.

Some of their previous work includes:

Fright Night (1989)
Twilight Time (1992)
Dreamspace (1994)
Fourth Dimension (1995)
Episode (1996)
Visions (1997)
Destiny (1998)
Infinite (2000)
Elements - Part One (2003)
Elements - Part Two (2003)
# "Let's press more money... Don't worry about the inflation... We've got to have more weapons to carry on..." #

-Fourth Reich (from Dreamspace)
by Mika August 03, 2004
power of God
He was bestowed with Chike from the day of his birth.
by Mika September 11, 2003
Believe me, or Listen here
Once I become famous, please believe all those women will be after me
by mika July 04, 2003
The less-commonly used variation of the AKS-74U. Also called the AK-Spetsnaz. The differences between them are:

The AK-74SU has a vertically-folding shoulder plate, whereas the AKS-74U features a horizontally-folding buttstock.

The AK-74SU comes in a more grey-ish colour, and is primarily made of metal components. The AKS-74U has a wooden hand hold underneath/behind the barrel, and is wholly darker in colour.

The AK-74SU is primarily used by Spetsnaz special forces, whereas the AKS-74U is used more broadly with airbourne units, or in other situations requiring high mobility with little space.

The AK-74SU does not appear to have as high a firing rate as the AKS-74U.
Operation Flashpoint features selectable Spetsnaz units with AK-74SU's. The James Bond movie 'Goldeneye' prominently features the AKS-74U in the Archives scene.
by Mika September 15, 2003
A really hot piece of ass.
Damn that skank is shexy.
by Mika February 22, 2004
A girl's nether-region
Chelsea, I can see your poochaka and you need to shave!
by mika July 17, 2004

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