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1) another word for vagina
2) playing the game jenga on the vagina, preferably on a girl who can put her legs behind her head in order to create a suitably level surface for this. (you can do this with or without clothes on!!)
"wanna come over for a game of vagenga"
"her vagenga is so... "
"I love to play vagenga on her vagenga"
by miiss conceptiion May 19, 2009
used when someone make a silly blunder in conversation or a misassumption about something ie. the placement of somewhere geographically.
"you can't do it like that, you nimbit!!"
"you're such a nimbit"
by miiss conceptiion May 19, 2009
when you want to offend someone majorly with many words, whilst proving the extent of your vocabulary, making the person feel offended AND inferior.
"I hate you, you twittwatsillydumbass"
"what do you mean, 'whats Hitler's last name?' you twittwatsillydumbass"
"your mums a TTSD!"
by miiss conceptiion May 19, 2009

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