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sick ass sport in which 2 teams start out with there co2 tanks touching the deadbox and then the ref calls "this game will be live in 3,2,1 go go go!!!" and hell no this game is not even close to getting ready to die because its a pretty much brand new sport overall this new sport is very fun and i give it a thumbs up a good brand/compony for beginner or pro is spyder or ion spyders dont necisarily have the greatest sensi touch next to smart parts {ions} my favorite teams right now would have to be sacremento xsv or san diego dynasty dynasty is the best in the world right now even though they lost ollie lang but overall i give this game a 10 out of 10 id recomend goin to splatfactory in brea,ca or sc village in carona,ca
dude 1:dude lets go paintballin

dude 2:ok let me get my chest protector

dude 1:wow,what a pussy
by mii mii mii key!!!!!! November 16, 2006

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