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five useless dancing furry shitheads, who may or may not have practiced homo-erotica.
<yellow tubby> hi purple tubby!
<purple tubby> I wondering if you'd lend me some money, yellow tubby?
<yellow tubby> oh, why?
by miguel sanchez March 30, 2003
A fart.
That was a great trouser cough!
by Miguel Sanchez July 01, 2003
1. Patron Saint of Fried Chicken
2. Inventor of the Secret Blend of Herbs and Spices
3. Creator of KFC
Every day I thank the lord that Colonel Sanders came up with his secret blend of herbs and spices.
by Miguel Sanchez July 06, 2003
Tight, stretchy pants meant to show-off one's ass. Typically worn by college hoochies out clubbing.
Anna is so hot in her ass pants.
by Miguel Sanchez July 02, 2003
The penis; usually a very large one.
Daphne fainted when she saw my one-eyed giant.
by Miguel Sanchez July 01, 2003
cut sik=went off, crazy fun had a hell good time
we cut sik when we went cruising on Firday night
by Miguel Sanchez May 16, 2005
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