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1. face
2. a VERY bad insult, almost as bad as word CINNY
KAO! KAO! KAO! WAIT FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs up, pauses, and then runs ahead and cackles evilly..MUAHUAHAHAHAHA*
by migosho! February 24, 2003
an evil doctor named Tomomi
Evil Dr. Corn I'm out to get you!
by migosho! February 25, 2003
a name thats a VERY bad insult..should be condemmned! ITS A CURSE I TELL U!
CINNY! *hits arm a cornucopia of times* CINNY! CINNY! GUESS WHAT? *pause* NOTHING HEEHEEHEEE *runs away*.
by migosho! February 24, 2003

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