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The largest city in Berkshire County, Western Massachusetts. Despite the county’s reputation for seasonal beauty/high-end tourism, Pittsfield is a relative wasteland--the result of GE closing, the largest employer of locals for decades. GE operations left behind PCBs, contaminating land/bodies of water. This has had long-term effects not only to the economy, which has exponentially crumbled, but to the biology of the city’s residents as well. Mutations have increased in incidence, with the downtown populated by mutants, street ghouls, retards, sex offenders etc. There are many Rascal scooter riders who may be missing legs, and ride slowly in traffic--though many can walk. Some of the to-be-demolished buildings of GE still stand, and young people enjoy drinking and breaking into the various condemned/abandoned buildings around the city. The youth culture also has a musical scene of punk rock/hardcore shows, where kids mosh to bands they think are somehow legendary. There are many trashy bars to drink, find cocaine, be attacked by Hells Angels, or get stabbed/shot. In an effort to “revitalize” the streets, hipsters from Brooklyn and elsewhere have recently infiltrated the city under the guise of creating a renaissance--by promoting amateur art, elitist local businesses, and pretending that baseball was invented in Pittsfield. Meanwhile, the original population of mutants continues to live jobless and/or addicted to crack.
A woman who allegedly intended to artificially inseminate her wife with her brother's semen using a turkey baster has been charged with domestic assault and battery in Pittsfield.
by mighty mutanimal April 12, 2011
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