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The best Imp ever.

She's from Zelda: Twilight Princess and is awesome!
Midna is the best Zelda character ever!
by Midna! July 20, 2009
When someone is addicted to adding words/definitions to Urban Dictionary. A site where you can create you're own definition for things.
I've got urban dictionary addiction, gotta add some more words!
by Midna! July 20, 2009
The fox (that is actually a red panda) thats on the Mozilla Firefox logo.
Pweegue is the best ever, so is Firefox!
by Midna! July 20, 2009
To look up a certain girl on Facebook.
Some person "I haven't seen her for awhile, I should Facebook her."
by Midna! August 11, 2009
Probably thee most best song ever by Gowan!
"You're a strange animal, that's what I know!
You're a strange animal, I've got to follow!"
by Midna! July 20, 2009
The name of the Firefox Red Panda.

Pronounced Pweeg (1 Syllable).

Pronounced like the word 'wig' but with the letter 'P' in front and the I is pronounced ee like We or Wii. The 'G' is pronounced like in the word ghost or gust.

The same as ig (like igloo) but with the letters 'PW' in the front.
Pweegue always seems to be sleeping!
by Midna! July 20, 2009
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