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The ultimate comeback. A retort that is so awesome that there is no recovery from it. When used effectively it has the power to pwn your life.

Only the Counter to the Epic Burn can deflect its destructive force.
friend 1: "Until I'm done taking this medication my doctor says i should stop having sex"
friend 2: "Shouldn't be a problem for you"
*all laugh*
friend 3: "Do you need some aloe vera for that Epic Burn?"
friend 1: "stfu noob"
by midgetsl4yer January 04, 2009
(n.) a name that your girlfriend calls you when she loses a playful argument and wants to pretend she is hurt but is really not. when used by the perfect girl this is a very cute retort. if used by any other girl you should break up with her because she is probably retarded.

of similar intellectual genius as the insult 'stupidhead' which was also made up by a 5 year old.
me: "you're such a noob at lasertag,
her: "OMG i killed like 10 of them!!"
me: "too bad you were playing against 6 year olds..."
her: "oh yeah? well you're a meanie cat!!!"
by midgetsl4yer December 29, 2008
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